Hi all. First of all I gotta tell this that I'm not a writer. But I wrote a story. This is not the story of my life. This is the story that I wish, it was the story of my life. Unfortunately it is not. But there are lot of real incidents and real dialogues which happened in my life. I wrote this story not to put on a blog. But to make a film. You may think I'm mad. Really I wrote this story to send someone to make a movie. I sent this story to number of film makers. But I didn't get any respond. At last I thought to put this on a blog. At least someone may read this. I worked very hard to write this story. I took about three years to complete this. Anyway I don't know how much I'm succeeded. It is up to you to decide. And give me your comments please. Another thing, I wrote this for a Hindi movie. So names of the characters and places are Indian. I'll post this part by part.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Part 06

Next scene, Next day, at the university,

(Rohith and Karan are going to the class. Sneha is also coming to the class. They meet each other.)

Sneha: Hi Karan! Good morning!

Karan: A very good morning! Meet my friend Rohith. And Rohith, this is Sneha.

(Rohith becomes embarrassed. Sneha looks at him and smiles.)

Sneha: Hi Rohith!

Rohith: Hi!

(They walk to the class. Shalinee sees Sneha is talking with them. Mahen is in the class.)

Karan: Sneha, this is my other friend, Mahen.

Sneha: Hi Mahen!

(Mahen is confused. He can’t understand what is going on there.)

Mahen: Thank you!

(Sneha is confused with his answer. Karan and Rohith become embarrassed.)

Sneha: I’ll go to my place then.

Karan: Ok. Bye!

Sneha: Bye! See you later.

(Sneha leaves. Karan and Rohith sit.)

Karan: What did you do idiot?

Mahen: Why?

Karan: Are you supposed to tell ‘Thank you’ when someone tell you ‘Hi’?

Mahen: Who is she?

Karan: She is Sneha, my friend.

Mahen: Who knows it?

Rohith: It is useless to talk with you.

(Shalinee comes to the class. She sits near Sneha.)

Sneha: How are you?

(Shalinee is not in a good mood.)

Shalinee: Fine.

(They are silent for a while.)

Shalinee: Who are that boys?

Sneha: Who?

Shalinee: With whom were you talking out side?

Sneha: Aaaaah… They are Karan and Rohith. I forgot to tell you, I went to meet Karan yesterday.

Shalinee: Why?

Sneha: Nothing special. We just met.

Shalinee: What did you get by meeting him?

Sneha: Nothing.

(Sneha feels some strange on Shalinee. But she doesn’t tell anything. Khanna comes to the class.)

Prof. Khanna: Good morning everybody!

Students: Good morning sir!

Khanna: Let’s start the lesson.

(Karan stands and comes to Khanna.)

Karan: Sir, this is my assignment.

Khanna: Did you do it?

Karan: Yes sir.

(Karan comes to his place again. On the way he looks at Sneha. She smiles with him. Shalinee sees it. Shalinee is not happy about it. Khanna starts the lesson.)

Next scene, after the class,

(Karan, Rohith and Mahen are walking out the university.)

Mahen: Rohith, can I come to your place to stay?

Rohith: Of course! Isn’t it Karan?

Karan: No problem at all. We will talk with auntie today.

Mahen: Set it as soon as possible.

Rohith: Ok.

Next scene, at boarding house,

(Karan and Rohith are eating.)

Rohith: Karan, tell auntie about Mahen.

Mrs. Varma: What is the matter Karan?

Karan: There is our friend calls Mahen. He is in a boarding house. He doesn’t like to be there.

Rohith: One day I also went there auntie. Actually it is an unpleasant place.

Karan: He is finding another one. So we ask him to stay with us.

Mrs. Varma: But son, here is not any empty room.

Karan: No auntie, we hope to keep him in our room.

Mrs. Varma: There is no space to three students in you room.

Rohith: It is enough, auntie.

Mrs. Varma: Look son, to me it is good there is another student in your room. Because I will be able earn more money. But I feel that there is not enough space. You will not be able to study well.

Karan: We can manage it.

Mrs. Varma: It is ok then.

(They are silent for a while.)

Mrs. Varma: I have something ask from you. Arjun is bad in mathematics. May I send him to you to learn them?

Karan: It is ok auntie. Send him.

Mrs. Varma: I don’t know whether it is a disturbance to you.

Rohith: No, no auntie. It is not.

Mrs. Varma: Thank you very much son. He is going to a class. But it is not enough for him.

Next scene, at the university, before the class,

(Karan, Rohith and Mahen are talking.)

Karan: We settled that. You can come our place.

Mahen: Really?

Karan: Yes. When will you come?

Mahen: I will tell mother and father tomorrow. May be I can come tomorrow.

Rohith: What will you say to the present boarding house?

Mahen: I will say I’m going to stay with some of my friends.

Rohith: That is …

(Rohith can’t finish the sentence. Karan yells.)

Karan: Damn it! I forgot that.

Rohith: …good. (He finishes the rest of the sentences.)

Mahen: What happened?

Karan: Rohith, I forgot to find out about Mr. Varma’s pension.

Rohith: I also forgot it.

Mahen: Who is Varma? I don’t know.

Karan: Could you please shut up?

Mahen: Ok, I’ll shut up.

Rohith: Karan, let’s go after the class.

Karan: Ok.

Mahen: Could I speak now?

Karan: No, no you don’t tell anything.

Mahen: Ok.

(Sneha comes towards them.)

Sneha: Karan!

Karan: Hi Sneha!

Sneha: I want a help from you.

Karan: What?

Sneha: I didn’t understand yesterday Prof. Rai’s lesson. Could you teach me it today after the class? I asked from Shalinee also. She also hasn’t understood it properly.

Karan: Sneha, I…I’m … I’m sorry, I…I can’t today. I mean… I have an important work today. So…!

Sneha: It is ok then. No problem.

Karan: I’ll teach them you tomorrow.

Sneha: Ok.

Karan: Look Sneha, I’m really sorry.

Sneha: It is ok Karan. It is ok. Let’s do it tomorrow. Bye!

(Karan doesn’t say anything. He is looking at Sneha helplessly. Sneha leaves. Karan is in sad.)

Mahen: Idiot! What did you do?

Karan: I told you that I have an important work today.

(His face has darkened. He is unhappy. Rohith is looking at him. He shakes his head.)

Rohith: Karan, you teach Sneha that lesson. I’ll…

(He can’t finish)

Karan: What about the pension?

Rohith: I’ll look after about it.

Karan: No…

Rohith: I told you that I will. That’s it.

Karan: Can you?

Rohith: It is ok. I can.

Karan: Ok then, I’ll tell Sneha.

(Karan leaves. He runs towards Sneha.)

Karan: Sneha, let’s do that today.

Sneha: What about your work?

Karan: Rohith admitted it. It is ok.

Sneha: Are you sure?

Karan: Yes, yes.

Sneha: Ok then, we will do it after the class.

Karan: Ok.

(Karan walks back his place.)

Karan: Thank you Rohith.

Rohith: You welcome.

Next scene, after the class,

(Karan is under the mango tree. Sneha comes.))

Sneha: Sorry, I’m late.

Karan: It is ok.

Sneha: Is this a disturbance to you?

Karan: What the nonsense are you talking?

Sneha: Ok, ok let’s start.

(They sit under the mango tree. Karan starts the lesson. Shalinee is looking at this. She is so unhappy about this. She leaves there.)

Next scene,

(The lesson has finished. They are walking out side.)

Karan: Did you understand?

Sneha: Of course. You are a good teacher. I’ll do some question papers and you have to mark them.

Karan: Ok.

Sneha: Thank you very much.

(Karan stops right there. Sneha becomes afraid.)

Karan: Take it back.

Sneha: What?

Karan: No ‘Thank you’, no ‘Sorry’ among friends.

Sneha: Oh, Really! Ok, then I’ll take it back.

(Both of them smile.)

Sneha: What was the work you had today evening?

Karan: My boarding house owns a lady. Her husband has died. His pension is received her monthly. In the day before yesterday she told me that the pension is cancelled. I promised her that I’ll find out about it. Yesterday I forgot it. Today was expecting to do it. Rohith told that he will do it.

Sneha: May I say something Karan?

Karan: Say.

Sneha: In the beginning I thought you are an uncontrolled, ill-mannered bad boy.

Karan: Oh my god!

Sneha: But I was wrong. You really are a good boy.

(Karan smiles. They come out side.)

Karan: Then I’ll go my way.

Sneha: What direction do you go?

Karan: I’m going this way.

Sneha: Me too.

Karan: But you go by bus, don’t you?

Sneha: No, I go on foot to auntie’s house everyday after university. That day I was too late. That is why I went by bus.

Karan: Ok then let’s walk.

Next scene,

(Karan comes to the boarding house. Rohith is not in the room. He puts the books and phone on the table. Then he lies on the bed. He falls on a sleep. Rohith comes to the room. He wakes up Karan.)

Rohith: Hey, get up.

Karan: What happened? Is it ok now?

Rohith: Yes, it was a mistake of an officer. He had filled a form with wrong information. Another officer fixed it. Here is the letter. Give this auntie and tell her to take the pension within a week.

Karan: You are well done. You gave this auntie and tell her. Because, you are the one who fixed it.

(Rohith leaves the room. He goes to the kitchen. Mrs. Varma is cooking. He thinks a little.)

Rohith: Auntie, Karan told me to give this to you. He has fixed the problem. Here is the letter. And he told to get the pension within a week.

Mrs. Varma: What? He fixed it?

(Karan comes to the kitchen.)

Karan: Auntie is the food ready?

Mrs. Varma: Yes son.

Karan: Rohith, let’s eat.

Rohith: I still haven’t had a wash. You start first. I’ll join soon.

Karan: Have a wash later. Let’s eat.

Rohith: Ok then.

(Mrs. Varma brings food.)

Mrs. Varma: Thank you Karan!

Karan: For what?

Mrs. Varma: For fixing the problem of my husband’s pension.

Karan: Why do you thank me? You should thank Rohith.

(Rohith doesn’t let to keep the conversation.)

Rohith: Let’s talk later. Let’s eat now.

(Mrs. Varma leaves. They eat.)

next scene, in Sneha's room,

(Sneha is in the room. She is writing something fast. She is in happy. She stops writing and take her phone. She sends a message to Karan. She types, “You know what? I can answer any question in that lesson now. I’m so happy. Thank you very much. Oops! I’ll take it back. No “THANK YOU”, no “SORRY”)

(Karan’s phone is in the room. They come to the room after eating. Karan doesn’t check the phone. So he doesn’t notice the message.)

Karan: I’ll go to the town.

Rohith: I’m also coming. I’m lazy.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Part 05

Next day, in the class,

(Karan and Rohith come to the class. Mahen still hasn’t come. Karan sits quickly and writes something in the book.)

Rohith: What are you writing?

Karan: I couldn’t finish the assignment.

Rohith: I thought you have done it. Otherwise I could help you.

Karan: It is ok.

Rohith: When did Sneha ask to meet her?

Karan: After the class.

(Karan writes so fast. Sneha and Shalinee come to the class. After them Mahen comes to the class. Mahen comes near Karan and stops. He is looking at Karan for a while. Then he sits near them.)

Mahen: What is he writing so fast? 

Rohith: He hasn’t finished the assignment.

(Professor Khanna comes to the class.)

Khanna: Good morning children!

All the students: Good morning sir!

Khanna: Ok, let’s start today’s work.

Karan: Don’t ask about the assignment. Don’t ask. Please. (Karan murmurs to him self.)

Khanna: Aaaaah….. I gave you an assignment.

Karan: Oh! He did it.

(He hits the desk with his head.)

Khanna: I want to collect it now. Take out the assignments. I’ll collect it.

(He starts to collect assignments from the front left corner. Karan looks at Rohith’s face. His face is blank.)

Karan: I’m dead.

Mahen: Yes you are dead.

(Karan hits Mahen’s head. Khanna comes near them. He takes Mahen’s assignment. Then he looks at Karan.)

Khanna: Karan, where is yours?

Karan: Sir, I… I…

(He stammers. He stands. Everyone look at him.)

Karan: Problem is this sir, I couldn’t finish it.

Khanna: What? What did you say?

Karan: I couldn’t sir.

Khanna: Why couldn’t you? I gave you three days. Isn’t that enough? Look, everyone has done it. You are the only one who hasn’t done it. I thought you are a good boy. Don’t break my faith. I’ll forgive you, because this is the first time.

Karan: Thank you sir, thank you very much. It will not happen again.

Khanna: Very good!

Next scene,

(Class ends. Students go out.)

Karan: Hey Rohith, will you come with me to meet Sneha?

Rohith: I’m going to go Mahen’s place. Can’t you go alone?

Karan: It is ok then. I’ll go alone.

(Karan comes out. He can see the mango tree. And he can see there is a girl under the tree. She is looking at the opposite side. He walks towards the tree and he stops there. He is silent for a while. Then he talks her.)

Karan: Sneha!

(She turns around. Both of them recognize each other. They become surprised.)

Both of them: You!

Sneha: Oh my god! I can’t believe this.

Karan: Me neither.

Sneha: It means we have met each other earlier than we met trough the phone.

Karan: Hmm.

Sneha: So how are you?

Karan: I’m fine.

(They are silent for awhile.)

Karan: Friends?

(Karan put his hand in front to shake hand. Sneha smiles and shakes hand Karan.) 

Sneha: Friends!   

Sneha: Let’s talk while walking. I have to go home quickly today. I have to visit my uncle with my auntie.

Karan: As you wish.

(They start to walk.)

Karan: So you are living with your auntie.

Sneha: Yes. She is like my own mother. What about you?

Karan: I’m in a boarding house. There is another boy in my place. (Smiles) He gave me the number.

Sneha: You haven’t done the assignment today. Why didn’t you?

Karan: I forgot that. I remembered it last night.

Sneha: Don’t do like that. Pay more attention to studies.

Karan: Hmm I will.

Sneha: What is your friend’s name?

Karan: Rohith. He is a good boy.

Sneha: What about your family.

Karan: I have a younger sister. My parents are government officers. Tell me about yours.

Sneha: My father is a businessman. My mother is a teacher. I have a younger brother.

(They walk a little without talking. They come out of the university.)

Sneha: I have to go now. So, see you tomorrow. Bye!

Karan: Bye!

(Sneha gets into a bus. Karan walks towards his place. He comes to the boarding house. Rohith is not there. He puts his books and phone on the table. And then he lies on the bed. He is lying for a moment. Suddenly he remembers something. He gets up quickly. He talks to him self.)

Karan: No, there is no time to sleep. I have to finish the assignment. I should eat something quickly and do it.

(Karan change clothes and leave the room to eat. He comes to the dining room. Kajal and Arjun are there. They are doing there home work on the table.)

Karan: Have you eaten?

Kajal: Yes Karan bhayya.

Mrs. Varma: Will you eat now Karan?

Karan: Yes auntie.

Mrs. Varma: You sit there. I’ll bring food.

(Karan washes his hands and sits. Mrs. Varma puts the foods on the table. She is in a sad mood. Karan notices that. He is looking at her for a while.)

Karan: Are you ok auntie? What is the wrong?

Mrs. Varma: Nothing, I’m fine.

Karan: Look auntie, there is no need to tell lies. Tell me what is the wrong?

Mrs. Varma: My husband’s pension is cancelled.

Karan: What? How could it be happen?

Mrs. Varma: I don’t know. There was a letter telling it is cancelled.

Karan: Don’t worry. I’ll go and find what has happened tomorrow. Now show some smiles.

(Mrs. Varma tries to smile. But she can’t. She leaves. Karan eats food.)

Next scene,

(Karan comes to the room. Rohith has come. He is changing.)

Rohith: What a surprise! Don’t you sleep today? No, No, Karan, you have to sleep now. Go and sleep. 

Karan: Ha, Ha, Ha Very funny! Idiot! How is Mahen’s place?

Rohith: Don’t ask. He is right Karan. A man can’t live there.

(He leaves the room. Karan sits and starts to do the assignment.)

Next scene,

(Karan is writing. Rohith comes to the room.)

Rohith: Today’s food is not good.

Karan: Auntie is in sad mood today. Her husband’s pension is cancelled.

Rohith: Oh!

Karan: I will go tomorrow to find what the wrong with it is. I feel very sorry about her. A helpless woman!

(Rohith walks to the cupboard. He stops suddenly.)

Rohith: How Is Sneha?

(Karan answers while writing.)

Karan: She is so friendly. I told about you also.

Rohith: What did you say?

Karan: I told that you gave me the number.

Rohith: Idiot! Why did you say like that?

(Karan doesn’t answer. He smiles. Rohith also sits and starts to study.)